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10 Jun 2019


Royal Society of Medicine

Building on from the Child Health Festival of 2018, we understand that care for children and young people needs to be more population based, with a clearer focus on the social determinants and delivered in an integrated way. But what does this look like in reality?

Child Health Festival 2 takes us to the next level of re-imagining child health, working out what the future looks like in reality by focusing on how to innovate children’s services through practice, improvement and advocacy.

Through a series of expert-led, cased-based talks and workshops delegates will work in interdisciplinary groups to not only learn, but also help flesh out the essential, but all too often poorly understood, skills required to help improve services for children.

Join us to learn:
•How to bring the social determinants to the centre of service provision
•How to prove that what they are doing is working
•About how services are financed and provided locally
•About the position of paediatrics within the health system and how they can raise its profile
•How to develop a plan to integrate care in their area
•How to work across disciplinary and sectoral boundaries for patient-centred care
•How to raise the profile and impact of local QI projects