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In group: Video consultations: how to set them up well, fast?

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  • Stacey Lally posted an update in the group Video consultations: how to set them up well, fast? 2 years, 3 months ago

    Morning everyone,

    I thought I would share our recent interview with Prof Trish Greenhalgh in case you haven’t come across yet – there is a lot of information out there right now!

    Her last comment on getting to ‘good enough’ consultations was interesting. As Trish says, there is a trade-off. Interested in how this is playing out for you and how you are balancing the trade-offs?

    • Thanks Stacey. At the moment I am trying to achieve a balance between clinicians saying ‘this is harder’ and our patients saying ‘this is easier than I expected’.

      • This is absolutely my experience as well. People accessing video consultations resoundingly positive whereas clinicians less positive and viewing it as a stop gap until things return to normal.

      • I think the concept of things being ‘good enough’ is hard for clinicians who always want to achieve best practice. This has caused some of the clinicians I work with (AHPs) to hold back on trying video consultations and for others it may make them revert to face to face practice in the future, even if patients are satisfied with remote appointments. We are trying to collect data to demonstrate that virtual consultations improve quality, not a poorer option. I think the QI principles can really support this. The challenge is keeping up with the pace of change at the moment!

      • This is a really important challenge! Anita’s approach to gather the evidence to support this as a long term change, and use it as an opportunity to keep improving is vital. Getting the right monitoring and evaluation processes in place in a timely way can sometimes be harder than we assume…can people share feedback surveys, and approaches to monitoring and evaluation that have worked well?

      • Stick with it was our early experience in Highland and Scotland but ultimately ‘people power’ was a big persuader. The arguments about ‘good enough’ need be treated with extreme caution it implies it is second best but in the vast majority of cases that is certainly not the case and as we are seeing right now distinct advantages. The move to video consultations is one of the central tenet of NHS Scotland’s Realistic Medicine something roundly endorsed by clinicians. Maimie

    • Has anybody put together any evaluation questions for patients and clinicians that they would be happy to share? I’m looking to do a city wide (and wider?) standard evaluation if possible as different providers have implemented differently across different contexts. It could be rich learning.

      • Hi Jude,
        We’re doing patient feedback as a small research piece, and planning on doing a staff piece as well – although the staff are much better at spontaneously offering feedback so we’ve got more of a gauge as to where we are with staff! It’s still very much a work in progress but happy to share when it’s tangible enough to do so.

      • Our system Near Me ha a pop up survey at the end of every consultation. But Scotland is already under evaluation – we can share our findings. Clare Morrison co-national near me clinical lead will have more surveys as she has been working on this since 2017. I also led a public consultation and got a lot of feed-back as part of major service change including move to video consultations. email me if you want more info.

    • Hi Jude,
      I created a survey using MS Forms. It aims to get service user feedback on both phone and video consultations because our services are using both. We are trialling it across 5 of our AHPs services so it’s reasonably generic. I took a few Qs from one that had been used at Barts – asking service users to quantify how much time and money they had saved as a result of a remote versus face to face appointment. We have only started using it recently so I only have a small number of responses. I am happy to share it.