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    Hi Lindsey, there was a project led by Kent Surrey Sussex AHSN in the Innovating for Improvement programme which was testing out remote GP / care home provision, and one of the ideas / recommendations which came from that was around wound care / tissue viability nurses who they thought would really benefit from this. Might be worth getting in…Read more

  • Jo Evans posted a new activity comment 1 year, 7 months ago

    Thanks for the reply Matthew. I think I’m going to have to give that ‘Adaptive Spaces’ report a read as I don’t think I have come across this yet.

    The programme is called Safer Salford – more information is on our website We are in the process of preparing an evaluation of the impact of the programme to date, but have…Read more

    • I remember Prof Uhl-Bien specifically talking about the challenging issues around evaluating ‘Adaptive Leadership’ and suchlike (ie convening Adaptive Spaces etc). I’m pretty sure she’d found that whenever people tried, they just ended up with standard outcome measures, which missed the point…

      She was saying it would be great if someone did a…Read more

  • Jo Evans posted a new activity comment 1 year, 7 months ago

    Hi Matthew,

    This sounds really interesting – I’m working with partners to create a whole system safety programme in Salford, at the heart of our learning so far (we’re 3 years in!) has been the added value of providing space for people from across the system to come together and think about a problem, I guess this could be called “systems…Read more

    • Hi @joevans

      Sounds like you’re creating ‘Adaptive Spaces’: the exact thing that Prof Mary Uhl-Bien’s 10-year study of change in healthcare and elsewhere found was crucial to enabling successful change to embed. (And I noticed explained the journey of the Q-funded Hexitime timebank very well too!).

      I’ll add Prof Uhl-BIen’s Q Zoom call video to…Read more

    • If I may add an observation; in recent work assessing the communications needs across STP and ICP, it has been my experience that there needs to be more work done on provision of a common communication platform across the partnership. While NHS Trust members may have their own platform – frequently different to that of a constituent Trust – local…Read more

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