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Angela Hobbs

Wilkinson Hall Ltd

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Angela Hobbs is the founder of Wilkinson Hall, a consultancy business that works with entrepreneurs, start-ups, and scale ups to achieve sustainable growth, applying her understanding and experience in product design, innovation management and delivering customer value in health, MedTech and wellbeing.

Angela is a Co Founder of the Engineering Better Care Academy, designed to extend the reach of the EBC Toolkit with co-founder Helen Meese.

"Engineering Better Care describes the development of a systems approach to health and care design and continuous improvement, taking inspiration from both the healthcare and engineering sectors. It takes a broad view of systems (or systems of systems) as a set of elements that include people, processes, information, organisations and services, as well as software, hardware and other systems that, when combined, have qualities that are not present in any of the elements themselves" Source

Angela serves as a non-executive member of OBN and is a member of the Chatsworth Schools Advisory Board.  She volunteers for Aspire For Equality, Santander Breakthrough Women Business Leaders Mentoring Programme and Oxford Women in Business.

Angela welcomes connections and collaborations with members of the Q Community.

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