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Recruiting participants: Learning and sharing together about virtual consultations

Find out how you can get involved to learn from others and share your insights from the rapid implementation of virtual consultations in response to COVID-19.

Recruitment for this project has now closed. Read insights from participants or join the Video Consultations Special Interest Group to share your insights and join the conversation. 

The current speed and scale of rolling out virtual consultations across the UK presents a significant challenge and opportunity for improvers who have been tasked with leading and supporting this work. We want to support you to learn from each other, reflect on your work and mobilise your insights to help others implementing similar changes.

We are recruiting 8-12 people who are currently implementing virtual consultations in health and care settings to capture their learning and contribute to a collaborative learning process. We are looking for those managing, implementing or directly delivering these changes.

What does taking part involve?

Given the huge time pressure you will be under, we have designed a process that is flexible and light touch and will be beneficial for those involved. We are asking for you to share your learning with us every two weeks in a short learning log (either over email or on a short phone call). We will then share learning and key resources with you based on what we hear from the cohort. We will also offer two 45-minute reflective webinars over the next 12 weeks. The project will run from now until the end of June.

To support your work the Q insight team will provide you with regular email summaries of key learning and resources from the group and more widely, connect you with others in the group facing similar challenges and explore the possibility of learning visits to sites of good practice.

Please refer to the information sheet for more detail.

What do you want to learn about?

This will be largely driven by the participants and others actively seeking learning in this field but we know people are interested in understanding:

  • Practical information on how to roll it out quickly, safely and ethically in different settings and with different groups including the common challenges or barriers to be aware of (relating to the technology, digital inclusion, organisational processes and cultures, and personal responses to change);
  • What is the role of, and implications for, Improvement and organisational learning in this process of rapid implementation;
  • How to set this work up to ensure it is sustainable in the longer-term, once the immediate crisis and movement restrictions are over.
  • Understanding the benefits for patients, carers, health professionals and the health system, and potential risks and concerns.

How do I sign up?

Recruitment for this project has now closed.

Looking for guidance on how to set up video consultations? Watch our webinar with Professor Trish Greenhalgh.

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