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Meet the team


  • Team:
  • - Dr. Rebecca Morris; Darzi Fellow 2020; GP
  • - Pauline Simpson-Shaw – Project manager CQI
  • - Lisa Avis; Business Manager to the Medical Director
  • - Daniel Rennie- Hale; Director of Quality
  • - Dr. Nnenna Osuji: Medical Director

What is the positive change that has emerged through new collaborations or partnerships during Covid-19 that your project is going to embed?

Croydon Health Services is part of a place-based alliance of health and care providers that includes Local authority (including Public Health), Primary Care, CCG, Voluntary sector and Mental Health.

We provide care to a demographically diverse and deprived community. The opportunity to embed a systematic way to demonstrably improve quality across the borough of Croydon is an imperative, particularly given the health inequalities revealed and magnified by Covid-19 in the Croydon.

Covid-19 has broadened collaboration through virtual innovations and we hope to work together to harness these relationships and appetite for collaboration to develop QI initiatives across the breadth of Croydon Health & Care Systems.

What does your project aim to achieve?

Uniquely, this fledgling team has been joined by a Darzi fellow committed to ensuring a systemwide approach to capturing, monitoring and developing improvement in the immediate post-Covid era.

– Developing resources for teaching, upskilling staff in QI methodology across borough.

– Building a QI network:
o physically, harnessing relationships built between integrated services; and
o virtually, via software systems to enable projects to be recorded in an online repository with access across the integrated system.

– Developing greater depth of online resources in addition to our physical ‘hub’ space, embracing new technologies that have enhanced practice during Covid-19, learning from these experiences to widen our resources online with podcasts, webinars and online resources.

– Enabling transparency and collaboration, working together on QI approaches to drive innovative change.

– Working together to make QI visible within the health and care system, embedding new practice and shifting our culture.

How will the project be delivered?

Our core CQI team plans to implement a tiered approach to training on QI methodology across the breadth of the Health & Care systems in Croydon. In turn this creates a network of individuals with the skillset and passion to drive change locally and further a network of ‘mentors’ and ‘champions’ for QI and QI methodology training. In addition to this, our development of a virtual repository and physical and virtual ‘hub’ space will enable cross-fertilization of ideas and personal professional development in QI.

How is your project going to share learning?

Our project essence is exchange of learning and collaboration on QI projects across the wide and diverse Health & Care systems of Croydon.

We endeavor to harness online software to create transparency of data, awareness of projects and ease the process of collaboration across an integrated trust. With the ease of data analysis and review we also harness the potential to generate wider connections beyond Croydon and engage with networks within the wider Q community.

How you can contribute

  • Engagement with individuals/teams who have rolled out QI programs in a similar nature across an integrated system of health care.

Plan timeline

30 Nov 2020 Agree Mission & Purpose Statement
1 Dec 2020 Evaluation piece- scoping document of Stakeholders in CQI Phase 2
1 Feb 2021 Determine distribution of key assets & QI expertise
1 Feb 2021 Establish time-line for training roll-out
1 Feb 2021 Pilot roll-out using model for CQI phase 2, using IHI methodology
1 Feb 2021 Utilising scoping document finalise infrastructure of CQI phase 2
30 Apr 2021 Evaluation of Pilot Study
2 May 2021 Task & Finish Group finalising implementation plan
30 Jun 2021 Identify & embed CQI champions
5 Sep 2021 Roll out integrated model- Phase 2 across stakeholder groups
4 Oct 2021 Regular re-evaluation of roll-out model


  1. Hi Huw and team.  Interesting idea and great that you have a Darzi fellow supporting this work.  We submitted a related idea last year regarding the development of an organisation/place/system hub for quality improvement and innovation (  We'd be happy to share some of the thinking we did back then.  As part of that we explored existing platforms including Hexitime, LifeQI and Improvewell as well as the benefits and challenges of building something from scratch.  We've also historically had conversations via the Acute Provider Collaborative about the merits and possibilities of a system-wide approach to QI.  Again, happy to share some thoughts on this and looking forward to hearing more about your idea!

    1. Guest

      Rebecca Morris 1 year ago

      Dear Jonathan Grellier, Thank you very much for your comment- It would be great to connect with you on this work. Sounds like you & your team have explored very interesting avenues with this. I'll be sure to follow this up in an email to discuss further. Thank you again for connecting with us on this.

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