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What does your project aim to achieve?

Delivered under the umbrella of a full primary care service and in partnership with existing forensic psychiatry, recovery services and patients  we will provide our patients with the resources and support to enable them to maximise their health and life potential. Central to the facilitation of this model is the provision of an environment that is conducive to the promotion and embracing of health and well-being opportunities. As such we propose to create a health and well-being therapeutic suite that will be purpose built and furnished to enable our patients access to a full range of high tech, health promotion and wellbeing equipment and services. Through the integration of interactive and patient centred visual display and health promotion systems the patient will have full ownership of their care and life style choices enhancing the potential for the patient to make informed and positive health and wellbeing choices.


  1. Hi Caroline,

    I love this idea. Have you linked up with any our forensic services? I think some are integrating recovery college and peer support programmes into this area.

    Best of luck

    Anna 😊

    1. Guest

      Caroline Johnson 1 year, 9 months ago


      It would be great to link with others, we do link in our recovery college and are working increasingly to develop peer support. We are also involving service users in the work to deliver the Healthy weight CQUIN. Its really fabulous work that our Primary Care service do. The aspect they are taking forward currently is  health education and promotion.

  2. Can you send me more details about this? We are currently trying to arrange a resource centre at our head quarters/main inpatient forensic units which will include CAB, housing, DWP and an internet café. We would be interested to see what you are offering and if that is something we can incorporate within our centre.

    1. Hi Debbie,

      We have redeveloped the Primary Care service that we deliver in-house at the Humber Centre. We have a GP, physio, dietician, sexual health, substance use and podiatry sessions. We are planning to develop a specific space for health education with the addition of an interactive board. The boards are fantastic as we can use them to demonstrate health related issues. Happy to catch up if you like.

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