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Inspiring health professionals to transform their lives and careers

Dedicated to helping ambitious and creative health professionals develop diverse, successful and above all fulfilling careers through business skills training.

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  • Idea
  • 2018

Meet the team: #Eurekadoc


  • Dr Aroon Baskaradas
  • Dr Lafina Diamandis
  • Ahoora Baranian
  • Dr Alan Salih

Who is this for?
We work with healthcare professionals throughout the NHS – predominantly junior doctors but also GP’s, medical students, and allied health professionals such as nurses and pharmacists. 

Who are we?
Eurekadoc is a startup organisation providing education and inspiration to healthcare professionals to support them with their career development and personal well=being. 

Our team is made up of trainee doctors, engineers and creatives who have had interesting career paths including consulting and property investing but have all returned to serve the very professionals who run our NHS. 

At our very core, we believe in the power of people and their ability to do whatever they set their minds to, in the pursuit of helping others. 

What problems are we trying to solve?
We have three areas of focus:

  1. NHS healthcare professionals are brilliant at what they do and highly trained in their own field but they are often put in positions of leadership or in charge of organisations with very little business knowledge- we aim to bridge that gap by providing relevant books, courses webinars or topics such as finance, leadership entrepreneurship and investing 
  2. These same professionals are facing unprecedented levels of stress, work overload and financial pressures – our second goal is to put their personal well-being and health at the center of their lives and give them the tools to take back the control and passion in their lives 
  3. Finally, the world is changing. A lot of the careers advice and education that they receive is outdated and not adapting fast enough for the modern workplace or lifestyle. Our ultimate goal is to build a community for them to start important conversations and empower them to lead the lives and careers they deserve using a more modern philosophies and entrepreneurial thinking 

What stage are we at?
We have already tested our idea and we have 1500 newsletter subscribers, have run over 10 webinars, around 15 live courses so far and have three online courses. We are still trialing and testing what content and delivery methods work best for people. We are still experimenting with new ideas such as design thinking, digital health, career design workshops. 

What would we do with the grant?
We are seeking the resources to grow, spread our message, and help create high quality, professional content. 

Essentially we’d like to:

  • Create new courses and learning opportunities 
  • Streamline our online platform and make content more accessible 
  • Professionally record more of our content
  • Have the resources to afford strong marketing  support 
  • Our whole team are volunteers, we’ve lost some good people and would like to provide some very modest financial support that could allow some of  them to continue this important work 

We want to become the new home of medical careers that takes are holistic view of people’s lives and needs whilst supporting them in their personal and professional development. 

Find out more at:

How you can contribute

  • Spread our message and help promote to variety of channels
  • Provide valuable contacts in digital educational platforms
  • Help us with scale up


  1. Guest

    Lafina Diamandis 4 years, 2 months ago

    Absolutely agree with you Aroon. Also considering that the career landscape in most industries has changed dramatically over the last 20 years, healthcare careers are well overdue a shakeup! 21st century doctors have different interests, ideas and expectations of how they want their career to look as well as where, how and when they want to work and even how many careers they might persue over a lifetime ;).  We’re eorking hard at Eurekadoc to give doctors the tools and education they need to design fulfilling careers!

  2. Guest

    Aroon Baskaradas 4 years, 2 months ago

    There is a massive leadership crisis in healthcare right now. As healthcare professionals it's no longer enough to be 'just' a clinician. We need that wider appreciation of financial, economical, social and patient perspectives. We're helping clinicians to be better and happier in what they do and also equip them with the tools to grow the healthcare system of the future.

  3. Guest

    Ahoora baranian` 4 years, 2 months ago

    A privilege to be part of an amazing organisation, who offers so many divers educational packages to medics and beyond.

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