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Creative Approaches to Problem Solving (CAPs) is something that merged from our work with Uscreates. They are a series of cards that help people work through different types of problems.


Following the 2015 co-design of Q, we wanted to share the valuable tools we used to work through and explore problems. These design methods cards following the double diamond co-design process – discover, define, develop and delivery.

During 2016, we continued to work with Uscreates and we were introduced to more problem solving approaches. These creative approaches to problem solving cards are drawn from design and wider fields, which introduce methods that you can use for – re-framing problems, prioritising solutions, harnessing new ideas, seeking perspectives and gaining insights and input on ideas.

The majority of these methods can be done over a short time frame (such as a during a one-day workshop); however they also work in the context of longer projects.

Watch this space! We are currently doing some work to bring these two sets of method cards together and create a map to help people navigate through the methods to help them work out what approaches would be helpful for different scenarios.

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