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  • Hi everyone! I’m a GP in London and a Quality Improvement Fellow with the NHSE Newly qualified GP programme. I’m hoping to do a project working with fibromyalgia patients to provide more joined up care between primary and secondary care and a more personalised approach to their care. I’m currently doing some scoping and plan to do some…Read more

    • Hi Selena, I have recently worked on a co-design project with a Fibromyalgia patient group to improve care for this patient group in SE London. This included a patient questionnaire. Very happy to share experience and learning.

  • Thank you to everyone who has replied to me. My research for my PhD is specifically focused on GPs’ experiences. I made the decision not to include the patients’ perspective as there is lots of other good research taking place into this, and far less research into the GPs’ experience and how that influences the support they provide to patients…Read more

  • Hi Everyone – so great to see a flurry of activity here. At Versus Arthritis, we are keen to spread and share work around chronic pain, and are due to release a report shortly on chronic pain. I am currently putting together some case studies on local service improvement, and would love to hear from professionals and patients alike who are…Read more

  • Hi everyone – I wanted to flag this analysis by my colleagues, looking at the health care use of people living with depression and/or anxiety. It highlights how common living with chronic pain is for people with depression and/or anxiety, and draws attention to inequalities according to socio-economic deprivation. Interested to hear what you all…Read more

  • Hi, I am undertaking a PhD in GPs’ role in chronic pain management and am keen to link with others with similar interests. I have a background in learning disabilities and mental health nursing and health commissioning.

    • Hi Tamar.
      I am a GP with a special interest in chronic pain and central sensitivity syndromes, such as fibromyalgia. I have been producing a series of podcasts exploring ideas around chronic pain and mind:body connection. My interest is in developing a primary care led structured program to explore this work with patients.
      I would love to meet to…Read more

    • Hi Tamar,
      I’m happy to link up. Would you be interested in the perspective of a patient and a chronic pain sufferer? I’m a great believer in posttraumatic growth and a big fan of Professor Anthony David’s work (UCL). There are some ways to improve Quality of Life and to even thrive despite pain.
      Please reach out if you don’t mind talking to a…Read more

      • Hi Tamar and Monika,
        I too would be happy to link up as I too believe in patient participation and who better to have on board than people who know how such illnesses feel like. Thank you Szara

    • Hi Tamar and Monika, if I can support from a patients perspective do let me know. Kind regards Cheryl

    • Hi Tamar, Monika and Cheryl,

      I am interested in this area too, especially with regards to analgesia and opiate dependence and seeking person-centred interventions for mental wellbeing. I understand there is a mind-body connection to trauma but I want to know more about how we can help people dependent on opiates.

      Best wishes, Alan

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