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I work as a researcher and project manager for NHS Tayside after a transition from hydroacoustic engineering research. My role has since developed to include a wide range of evaluation, performance, and project management activities to support service development, delivery and change within the health and social care partnership. I have an unwavering enthusiasm for continuous improvement in terms of equity, outcomes and enhanced experience for both those who receive and deliver services.

I have a keen interest in developing and utilising conceptual and business models that support integrated approaches to support whole-system productivity within health and social care systems. This includes a multi-perspective improvement approach which I developed during an exchange with Alpine Health, Australia to support my public health masters. This approach is characterised by interlinked strategic and operational continuous improvement loops. The model's purpose is to resolve pluralistic tensions and harmonise directives, while enhancing the delivery experience and improve outcomes. Both loops draw on an ever-enriched understanding of what really matters to service users, practitioners, partners, the supporting workforce, and organisational decision-makers.

I am very interested in the application of causal loop models in understanding and exploring integrated services as complex adaptive systems. From a process perspective I am currently developing an agent-based probabilistic computational simulation model to inform capacity planning.

In addition to existing evaluation methods, the tools that I have developed are helping our team to develop an enriched approach to evaluation and service improvement. I am excited at the prospect of sharing and improving my work, and I would be delighted if any of my learning could help more widely.

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