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  • David Crabtree posted an update in the group Sustainable Healthcare 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hi everyone.
    I’ve been tasked with developing our sustainable healthcare offerings at our Trust. Currently we have nowt, nada and nothing.
    Is anyone aware of providers utilising social movement/cooperative methods to drive staff/patient owned sustainability?
    Somewhat nebulous question I realise but any and all help would be appreciated.

    • Hi David. I feel your pain. I tasked myself with similar as my Trust didn’t seem to care about sustainability with one exec actually saying it was ‘not their bag’. I am doing my best but am flying solo esp during covid but making some progress. I do not have a formal SDP and the Trust’s offering is poor. I do however have 120 staff suggested actions so I have taken the big impact items and am pursuing myself. I do however represent the Trust as the ICS and have started working as a Trustee with the CSH so I can at least feel I am part of motivated groups too. Happy to talk if you wish. Cheers, Richard.

      • Hi Richard.
        I’m lucky at least that the Trust are supportive of developing our green plans.
        How did you acquire the 120 staff suggested actions and how do you plan on enacting such a large workload? I’m looking into developing a multi-stakeholder cooperative here. Have you heard of this being done elsewhere?
        Kind regards,

      • Hi David.
        My Trust are ‘supportive’ but just not keen on giving anyone any time to actually progress the agenda. I got the 120 staff actions through a) emailing all doctors and then b) using the staff bulletin to request actions from staff. I wanted suggestion whiteboards in corridors for staff and patients but these are not supported yet.
        I have personally picked a number of the big-ticket items with the largest impact on our footprint. Desflurane was easy and as such we’ve reduced our volatile CO2e from 750 to 300 T/year but we could do alot better as we have zero cases in our Trust where des improves outcome beyond time to coffee room. I have communicate these to key individuals up to Trust Board but no response during covid.
        Our Trust’s SDG is a cooperative between healthcare, estates, catering, procurement and councils and I have been trying to engage with One Darlington Partnership and our new local Amazon Fulfilment Centre plus media to start talking about a full electric town bus fleet to accomodate the increased travel required for Amazon. Initially good comms, then nothing. Not sure if this is what you meant but we’ve had a mixed response.
        I also work with our ICS which is led by 3 high-profile individuals and this is likely to be where the bulk of the action is from a regional perspective. We still need a Trust SDG to tackle the 120 actions as I don’t want to lose engagement but unless we give people time, nothing will happen beyond what I do as a hobby.
        I have to say however, the more I look at the figures (for example what our N2O reduction figures actually amount to when compared with agricultural output) I am more inclined to be looking toward Deep Adaption as we are already halfway through this critical year and I am really concerned about the lack of progress both nationally and locally.
        If you want to talk further, am happy for you to call me on 07796 204580.
        Cheers, Richard.

    • Hi David, Have you had a look at the networks on – there might even be someone from your Trust in that network. We are quite lucky in having a strong sustainability team at our trust, but I think from experience of building up work on sustainability in medical education, I found that initially it was good to try to identify just one or two allies to work with. I’m not sure where you’re based, but maybe there’s a way to find other interested parties via Q?

      • Thanks Sarah,
        I’ve joined our local network plus contacted others in Greater Manchester. I definitely couldn’t do this on my own!
        Have you heard of others using multi-stakeholder cooperative models to support sustainable healthcare?
        Kind regards,

      • sorry David, i don’t know of any examples. In our trust the Sustainability manager is asking for input from different people in the trust, but he’s leading it. I’m sure can be very powerful to start from building a network bottom up as you plan to – hopefully top down will catch up

    • Hi David
      Great Ormond Street did a lot of this and I’m sure you’ve seen the case studies here The London Clinical Senate ran a forum ( just prior to the pandemic and Mark Harber, Consultant at the Royal Free You might also want to try your regional network

    • Hi David,

      I know of leaders at 3 different trusts who have successfully built up a large multi-disciplinary group of clinical, non-clinical and management staff into a sustainable healthcare group; these groups have defined goals for themselves and are effectively using NHS policy levers around sustainability to set up a framework for cultural change, alongside strategic action.

      Let me know if you would like me to put you in touch with these leaders.

      For EVERYONE; is this question of general interest? If so, would it be helpful to look at pulling out some key themes on barriers and successes to present more widely and start forming some guidance? Perhaps a webinar could be a first step followed by a guide? Do let me know your thoughts on this.

      • Hi Olivia,

        please do put me in touch. Always happy to learn from the successes of others.

        A webinar sounds ideal. What do others think?

    • Happy to webinar.

      As long as the chicken included.