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Aditya Kasliwal

Personal Alarm Watch.

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I care deeply about improving the lives of older people. Over the years, I've found that helping people maintain their independence as they age is the single most impactful thing I could do for them and that has been my focus.

For over three decades, the staple solution for staying independent at home has been the pendant alarm. However, older people unanimously dislike them and often they can be found hanging on backs of chairs or squirrelled away in drawers. Digging deeper, I found this is because they find the red button stigmatising and because they only work around the home, people felt scared to go out. This led me to Personal Alarm Watch - a discreet alarm that works anywhere in the country.

I believe in collaboration and user-centred design to understand problems and develop the best possible solutions. With the watch, I ran workshops up and down the country and ran one-to-one interviews with hundreds of older people, family and care professionals.

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