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What’s new in Q in 2020?

Q Initiative Director Penny Pereira showcases what's happening in Q in the next 12 months and beyond in this short video.

Video transcript

Happy New Year! I’m Penny, Director of the Q Initiative and in this video, I’m going to share six things you can look forward to from Q in 2020 and what you need to do to make the most of them.

1. New members

Firstly new members! 766 people have joined Q since this time last year. We’re expecting numbers to continue to grow not least because we’ll be expanding across Ireland from the Spring. Just think what all those new connections could mean for your work and your joy in work!

Take a look at the online directory and make it a resolution to reach out to at least two more people.

2. Collaboration with Patients and Service Users

There’s a growing group of patient leaders in Q, but you’ve told us Q could be doing more to boost the involvement of service users in improvement. So, this year we’ll be collaborating with National Voices to design stronger ways to connect and support people and work in this area.

Watch this space for how you can feed in.

3.  Networking and development

If you’re thinking about your development goals for the year, think about how Q might help: whether that’s the resources, Q Visits and events we organise centrally, or the webinars and meetups that are happening every week organised by members locally and through groups.

It’s all on the website: commit to at least a couple of things you’ll do this year.

4. Q Exchange

There’ll be more collaborative change happening through Q in 2020 than ever before. Before Christmas, we were celebrating the 20 Q Exchange projects you voted for. Those projects are kicking off and this is where the fun really starts.

Remind yourself of the winning projects now they’re getting going and think about which you might want to follow or get involved with throughout the year. We’ll be announcing the plans for this year’s Q Exchange in the next few months.

5. Q Labs

A second Q Lab in Wales – Q Lab Cymru – will be going live in the spring. It’s in partnership with Improvement Cymru so get in touch if you want to get involved. The London-based Q Lab will continue testing different ways of supporting people to tackle complex challenges.

6. Supporting system-wide change

Which leads me on to my final one. The independent evaluation of the last four years of Q will be reporting in the spring and we’ll be sharing with you what it’s saying as the results come in. We already know that Q offers real benefits to individual members but we’re expecting the final report to contain lots of learning about how we can do this better over the years ahead.

We also hope it will show where, when and how Q is starting to lead to more substantial new collaborations as a critical mass of you come together within a local area or around a key topic. As we start a new decade, think about the ways that Q could help what you’re passionate about have a bigger impact. And then tell us all about it, so you play your part in inspiring change beyond what our siloed world currently allows.