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    Put yourself on the map

    Today we are rolling out the ability for Q members to put themselves on a map, which will make it easier to be seen by others, visualise other members in their local area and show the spread of people in improvement across the UK.


    My Improvement Journey: Andrea Gibbons

    Andrea shares her passion for building 'a movement of evidence based improvement in the NHS' and the need to professionalise delivery for transformational change. She is an Improvement Advisor at Taunton & Somerset NHS Trust, a PhD Student at the University of Bristol and a Q Connector.


    The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg – a chapter summary

    Charles Duhigg's excellent book 'The Power of Habit' is filled with interesting research about the psychology of habit forming and habit change. Highly relevant to QI. Here is a summary if you're interested but pushed for time, plus how I am using the thinking in work.


    Q Evaluation: progress and the new special interest group

    Professor Tom Ling, Head of Evaluation, RAND Europe (Independent evaluators for Q) shares a little about their approach to evaluation and the things they have been focusing on.


    Help us develop the learning approach for Q

    Kathryn Perera and Helen Bevan, NHS Horizons, are currently working with Q to help develop a learning approach.


    Q Lab update: making new connections

    How can the Q Lab take advantage of the number of people who want to work with the lab, and support those people to make new connections?

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