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We are delighted to announce that we have awarded funding to five projects through the pilot round of our new funding programme, Supporting Q Connections.

This funding was open to applications from Q Special Interest Groups (SIGs) for activities that focus on supporting continued collaborative working at a time of intensified system pressure. We wanted to fund activities that helped members build and strengthen their networks, share and apply learning.

The standard of applications was exceptionally high and after careful consideration we have provided funding to the following projects. These projects will provide tangible benefits for the Q community.

Mobilising collaboration inside and between SIGs using Hexitime

John Lodge, Hexitime

Hexitime will provide 20 SIGs with two one-hour online workshops. These workshops will focus on supporting SIG members to connect and collaborate with purpose, using the Hexitime timebank. They will also draw on analysis of how SIGs are connecting, and share learning with members to support the SIGs to become more effective in the future.

The process will introduce sustainable collaboration architecture into the SIGs to support them beyond the 12 months of the project.

A practical programme for implementing and sustaining Joy in Work

Julia Wood

This project will support those who are keen to implement Joy in Work but are unsure about taking the first steps of implementation, or have tried but are finding it challenging.

The project will implement a programme of Action Learning Sets to build capability in Joy in Work and underpinning QI methodologies.

Developing our Community Hospitals SIG

Helen Tucker

This project will focus on supporting the development of the new Community Hospitals SIG, increasing membership and promoting quality improvement. There will be a facilitated event for members help to direct the future of the SIG and identify how it may support members. The project will also develop the SIG as a place for patients and staff to share their stories, and promote examples of quality improvement.

Supporting and nurturing Network Weaving for the individual, team and system

Mandy Andrew and Hilda Campbell

Building on the Network Weavers Learning series this project will focus on the newly established Q Nurturing and Network Weaving SIG. It aims to enhance Network Weaving, networking and system transformation.

The project will adapt Network Weaving materials into a suite of learning resources, supported by a creative learning space to share knowledge, improvement experiences, resources, and tools. It will also develop a reflective tool for individuals or teams to consider their existing networks, roles and impact within them.

These tools will be supported by interactive Network Weaving events, workshops, podcasts and webinars to share resources across Q and other SIGs to support engagement and the sharing of ideas and resources.

Evolving the Evidence 4 Quality Improvement SIG


The Evidence 4 QI SIG was established as part of a 2019 Q Exchange project. It is led by a national steering group of seven QI and six library or knowledge services professionals that meet fortnightly.

This project aims to evolve the SIG by putting in place a convenor role to deliver a programme of virtual events and training, mapping QI capability nationally and creating a suite of resources to support SIG members.

We are looking forward to seeing how these projects unfold. Teams will be looking to involve SIG members and the wider community, so keep your eyes peeled for these activities.

We are aiming to open the Supporting Q Connections programme again, as an ongoing opportunity for a wider group, from Summer 2022.