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Quality management in radiotherapy- a systematic approach - Authored by LASER and MOSQuITO groups

The Society of Radiographers Synergy News April 2017 p24-25 ISSN1741-4245

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  1. Isabel,

    I enjoyed reading this article. I’m pleased that ISO 9000 has been used. It’s not often referred in the NHS. I have a lot of experience with this standard and am a trained/qualified auditor for the standard. I have achieved registration to ISO9001, with TickIT, using process mapping as the key part of documenting the QMS.



  2. Hi Tom,
    It is interesting to hear your feedback. This time last year I was really excited and pleased to see the article being published and represented well our community of quality professionals.

    However one year later when I look back I feel we have come a long way after doing lots of reading around safety management, safety I and II, quality improvement and importance of leadership. This was the main message we tried to deliver at our annual RTQ SIG meeting at HF 2 weeks ago.

    Our world is highly regulated highly ordered and highly reliant on automation and technology. We can breakdown our processes into every details and achieve ultra high reliability compare to other disciplines. But our world is very different from the majority where too many transient events take place and environment is much less predictable.

    We have alot to learn from safety II if we want to provide patient centred care and involve patients to help co-design services.

    QMS give the services a good infrastructure but quality is a much bigger picture than just QMS.


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