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  • Hesham Abdalla posted an update in the group Achieving equity through QI 1 year, 7 months ago

    I am leading a Q Exchange projects focused on Enhanced Care Homes.
    An area that I would like s to focus on is using quality improvement to build equity in care provision.

    What work have you seen to reduce disparity of health outcomes on the basis of race, ethnicity and language of care home residents, for example? How can we measure and improve equity in this group?

    • Hi Hesham,
      I apparently spotted this too late to contribute to the Q exchange -sorry. I work in community healthcare and we have a substantial case load of patients who live in care homes. We are looking closely at equity in this setting (with other settings we see our patients in), and one of our key observations, and barriers, is the quality of data we have. Ethnicity is our current area of focus, because it’s become apparent in recent months that we haven’t had the accuracy/depth of data to interrogate the data of, for example, people who have died in the care of our teams during the crisis to the extent that we would like to.
      We have great aspirations for being able to improve health outcomes with equity, but recognise our need to be recording data worth using in this context! We’ve created some visual tools to engage staff with the issues (which they love and really connect with).
      As an organisation more widely I am encouraging teams to consider improvement projects with a health inequalities focus, so I am really keen to see how your work shapes up and what can be learned from it.
      Apologies my tuppenceworth comes a bit late – but I think it’s really important and much needed.

      • (to clarify- I think your work is really important and much needed… less so my tuppenceworth!)

      • It’s wonderful that you are focusing on this and you make some really insightful points about the quality of data. I have found there seems to be an NHS curse of wanting to collect data without really studying it or using it to inform actions. I call it the Plan, Do, DO, Doh! Cycle

        Rather than wait to see if we win the funding in January so have applied for a smaller pot to kick start the project. We will engage stakeholders, survey attitudes as well as interrogate the data that we already have, including an assessment of the data quality.

        I would love to see the visual tolls you have developed if you can email me on

    • Hi Hesham, sorry I’m just seeing your thread just now after a period of annual leave. Your project sounds very interesting. I’m afraid I have had to pause the work I’ve been involved in on QI and equity to focus on supporting other public health priorities, but we had several conversations with the Care Inspectorate last year and the year before as they were very interested in learning how to improve their work in equity at the time. I’m sure they would be interested in you and Iona’s thread here which I would like to share with them, if that’s OK? Emma