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After 15+ years in learning and workforce development, a change of role provided me with the opportunity to explore, test, apply and reflect on different QI tools and approaches in my practice.   I also had the opportunity to learn from others who are already applying QI in the area of public health and I am using this learning to engage more public health colleagues in dialogue about how QI can be maximised in public health.

I am working with several partner organisation to help create space where public health colleagues and QI practitioners can learn from each other about how their collective action could contribute to a Scotland in which everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

I am part way through an MSc in Systems thinking in practice.

I am curious about how people learn best and what leads them to challenge their assumptions and perspectives.  I am also interested in exploring the role of reflexive practice, networks, facilitation and combining other methodologies with QI to improve complex 'softer' situations.


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