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  • Emma Little posted an update in the group Achieving equity through QI 2 years, 6 months ago

    Welcome to this new sub group, we’re so happy you have joined us.

    What drew your to this sub group? Do you have ideas/ are you testing changes in your work relevant to this topic that you could share with us here?

    We would love to hear about them and what matters most to you.

    Has anyone seen this image on networks before – look how many connections we already have with just 19 people? Imagine the possibilities if we had twice that!

    We would be so grateful if you could invite one more colleague from Q or your workplace that might be interested in learning and/ or contributing to the knowledge and experience that is being gathered.

    I just met with David and Sophie from Healthcare Improvement Scotland to discuss an event plan for the coming you. We will share with you on here very soon and would love to hear your feedback.



    • Hi @emmalittle

      Just thought I’d mention that we’re talking with the Q team in Scotland about the possibility of using Kumu to map people’s connections, interests, collaborations etc. This might be something that the Achieving equity through QI SIG would like to get involved in.

      Here’s one example of a Kumu map:

      Even includes Q member Gareth Evans; you can read his profile…

    • Hi Emma (and Diane),

      We’ll try to keep you guys in the loop as things progress with the Q Scotland team – you could get involved in the mapping early on, to see if it will be helpful for you, perhaps…?