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  • Just listened to the webinar. Some reflections
    I agree with rethinking whole concept outpatients along the whole journey.
    I haven’t seen much work on costings for patients travel parking and time off work but think this is important. I have also been accompanying a frail relative to multiple tests recently and there is often limited disabled parking and lack of wheelchairs and lack automatic doors which is the basics so we should be finding better ways. It’s interesting that the outcome from the consultation can be apparent in another environment perhaps later down the line so measures might be over time, with us for drug allergy that might be during hospital admission and not needing alternative drugs.
    I liked the aspect about the social aspect might be missing if virtual clinics but perhaps could create virtual waiting room or chat room.
    I would like to know more about value stream mapping I have attended some HFMA masterclass on value pathways but might be different from what was discussed in the webinar. If anyone has any good examples of that would be interested.