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  • Q Exchange feedback webinars

    Following the Q Exchange shortlisting process, we will be running a three-part webinar series to offer feedback for all Q Exchange applicants to support development of your projects. The webinars are designed for applicants as a forum to connect and inspire each other to carry on working on their ideas and…Read more

  • Hi all! I was wondering if I could tap into your collective knowledge!

    As you may be aware, we try to connect QI projects with evidence and learning from other projects. One of the requests I have been sent it about the use of technology improving efficiency and/or patient experience for outpatients.

    Are any of you able to share any actual…Read more

  • Not on the shortlist – could crowdfunding be a route to gaining the funding your project needs?

    This Zoom video session offers a great overview of the ins and outs of crowdfunding: ‘A guide to crowdfunding – with Alex Watson’:–7glkZI

    Are you interested in how crowdfunding could help you support your health or social care…Read more

  • We’re so excited to have had our idea shortlisted for the Q exchange funding programme. We are proposing to develop are midwives. Read more about our project:

  • Rayna Patel posted an update 1 week, 2 days ago

    Hi all,

    We’re so excited to have had our idea shortlisted for the Q exchange funding programme. We’re using an easy-to-use patient-friendly app to help colorectal cancer patients to better self-manage.

    Our mobile app supports cancer patients to track & understand information about their care – to help them feel in control, to increase their und…Read more

  • Emma Vaux posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    Hi everyone
    Our idea is The Virtual Hug of Support
    We are already working very differently in how we deliver outpatient care – the gap we have identified with our patients is how they access and receive healthcare information to better self-manage alongside these changes.
    We are using immersive technology to explore this more. It feels like what…Read more

  • Emily Wood posted an update 1 week, 5 days ago

    Hi everyone, we are proposing a quality improvement project looking at the using of mobile health technologies to help midwives work with pregnant women with high BMI to maintain weight during pregnancy. We would love to hear your ideas, comments or suggestions…Read more

  • Good luck to you all for your Q Exchange outpatients projects! I just wanted to share with you our project – #EvidenceBasedQI which is around connecting QI projects with evidence, as it may be of help / interest to some of you. As part of our project, outpatients is one of the ‘themes’ that we hope to work on. We hope that we can help connect…Read more

  • Hi Everyone, we have been a bit quiet on the Q Exchange recently as we have been busy trying to refine and improve our project description, and seeking others who we may collaborate with and who’s projects our work may support. I am hoping to post a link to a short video that we have developed later today to give people a flavour of where we have…Read more

  • We would really value comments and contributions to make the best of our co-design project to transform respiratory outpatients in Gloucestershire. Have a look at our project page – – any ideas welcomed!

  • Hi all,
    we are thrilled that our bid: “Co-producing solutions to the outpatient challenge with patients” has been shortlisted.
    More specifically We propose taking a coproduction approach to designing a solution to the outpatient challenge, with a focus on Cardiac Rehab

    We would really value some thoughts, feedback for improvement and sharing of…Read more

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This group is open to anyone interested in discussing, exploring and collaborating on project ideas for the Q Exchange 2019 theme, “Understanding alternatives to traditional models of outpatients”

This group is convened by Sarah Campbell

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