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Consultant anaesthetist in a large teaching hospital covering general sessions with speciality interest in obstetrics, interested in both improving quality in my clinical environments of pre assessment clinic, operating theatres and in maternity and QI training.

Associate director of St Georges QI academy- establishing QI training and project coaching/facilitation as well as QI training for Foundation Doctors in St George's Foundation School.

Improving QI training and the establishment of a 'quality network' within the Royal College of Anaesthetists, chair of RCoA Quality working group

Improvement lead for the National Emergency Laparotomy Network

Currently working on 'prehabilitation' before major cancer surgery, elective and emergency theatres efficiency, improving reporting of patient experience, staff wellbeing and our unit's social media.  Experience in the past of inpatient flow programmes, human factors and safety training in hospital at night and patient experience based co-design. Spent a year out of training as a clinical leadership 'Darzi' Fellow.

I am a trustee of Birthrights- a charity protecting human rights in childbirth.

Talks offered

  • Using national audits to *really* improve care

    We collect a lot of audit data that contributes to workload, but doesnt help us improve care. The National Emergency Laparotomy audit focuses not only on producing a national picture of performance and outcomes in this high risk operation (average mortality >10%), but also helping trusts use their own data to improve care. I can talk through how the audit is structured to help local improvement, and give some real life examples of trusts using their data well to improve care.

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