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Understanding the patient outcome of Vocational Rehab Service

Using Co-production to show people with neurological conditions - and the organisation - the outcome from Vocational Rehab intervention

Vocational Rehab varies across UK, with the aim of people returning or retaining in work. People in work have better health and well-being, therefore supporting people to work who have a neurological conditions is important.

Although the number people in work following Vocational Rehab is low, people express a positive outcome from the service. The service set up a co-production group to focus on establishing an outcome for the service, which can assist to improve the service. The co-production group is its early stages, but is currently working on outcomes which support the patient’s journey and support the service in understandings its value.

Co-production in Vocational Rehab has led to staff listening and working with people who have – and are – accessing the service to join together to achieve a goal, which they feel passionate to improve and ensure others benefit from.

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