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ITT: Brand development project

We are looking for support to develop the brand of the Q community.

Through an audience-centred and collaborative approach, we want to develop an inspiring articulation of what Q is, what it achieves and how it contributes to the health care system, and the assets and tools to embed this across our channels.

If you think you can help us do this, please download the project specification and related documents below to understand the project in full.

About this project 

This project aims to develop an effective brand for Q, that will support us to achieve our 10-year strategy goals and objectives. We expect that this work will fall into 3 phases: discovery; design and test; and iterative output delivery and roll out.

Stakeholder consultation will confirm the brand’s effectiveness, purpose and distinctive attributes. That information would then be used, in collaboration with key stakeholders, to develop:

  • Q’s unique verbal identity: vision, mission, and values.
  • Elements of Q’s visual identity.
  • Q’s brand story and articulation of impact.
  • Q’s points of difference and ‘place’ in the improvement market.
  • Q’s brand architecture and hierarchy: how we articulate our offers and products coherently, while appropriately referencing and connecting to partners and funders.
  • How Q’s brand should be used across all platforms, by the team, partners and members.

We’re looking to work with someone who can embed inclusivity, accessibility, audience- and data-informed decision making and a collaborative approach into the whole of this project.

The process

If you’re interested, please read the Project Specification and send us a proposal by completing the response form at the end of that document. You will also need to review the sample contract and complete the budget template to complete your proposal.


Q community: Brand Development Project Specification and Response form

Sample Contract

Contract Budget Template

Deadline for responses is 12:00 on Friday 7 May 2021.

We will get back to you by Wednesday 12 May 2021 to arrange conversations with shortlisted organisation on Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 19 May 2021.

If you’d like to arrange a conversation to discuss this project before submitting your proposal, please contact Faye Goldman, copying in Sarah Khoo who can help set up a suitable time.