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  • Matthew Mezey posted an update in the group Exploring Adaptive Space – community of practice 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Webinar: ‘Systems Convening – the key role that enables change across a complex system’ (with Etienne + Beverley Wenger), 15 Jan (3pm)

    The pioneer of ‘Communities of Practice’ Etienne Wenger, joined by Beverley, will be talking about the important next step in their approach.
    They found that an undervalued – yet crucial – role is vital to enabling learning, change and the spread of innovations across complex landscapes, such as healthcare. They call this role the ‘Systems Convener’.
    Conveners’ work is about “generating new capabilities in the landscape”: “unlocking unexplored spaces, forging promising partnerships, building bridges, resetting boundaries, challenging established colonies, and creating new settlements”, as the Wengers puts it.
    “As organisational mavericks stretching the bounds of what is possible conveners are easily misunderstood, unrecognised, or undervalued”.
    This role sits above local communities of practice, networks etc.
    This is a unique opportunity hear from an international pioneer – about the emerging discipline of ‘Systems Convening’ that is so crucial for the new cross-boundary network-based landscape that health and care are moving to.
    Details: 3-4pm, 15 January.
    Please register here:
    Link for Zoom webinar:
    United Kingdom phone numbers:
    +44 203 481 5240
    +44 131 460 1196
    +44 203 051 2874
    +44 203 481 5237

    I plan to join this webinar – which is organised by the Lankelly Chase Foundation. The Q Community itself in many ways feels like a ‘Systems Convening’ type of organisation!
    Read the Wengers’ chapter about ‘Systems Convening’ here (PDF):