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  • Karen Hedge posted an update in the group Q Reading Club 2 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hi everyone – given that it’s a month since I posted, I can see how this can easily drift lol. I have set up a poll to help us choose a book:
    I suggest we make this a lunchtime event, but every 2 months to give us time to read. How does that suit?

    • Yes, it does drift sometimes 😂 it is known!

      Lemme use some shouldertapping here! Some people who previously mentioned they’d be interested 🙂

      @laurajaneplayforth @wendystobbs @clarissasorlie

      I’m keen to help here if you folks need any logistical setup!

      • I was hoping this could be an asychronous reading group, I don’t feel I can commit to a set timeframe for reading something when I have lots of other books and projects on the go!