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  • Karen Hedge posted an update in the group Q Reading Club 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    HI everyone, I’m new in this SIG. It looks like it has lain dormant for a bit – anyone up for a resurrection – or please correct me if I’m wrong? I’m always on the lookout for new books to read… and accountability to make me read them . Does anyone have any ideas for a starter?

    • Hi Karen, I would definitely be up for a reading club!!

    • HI Karen definitely up for a refresh too…my current reading is some of the Brene Brown leadership related ones…so could suggest ‘Dare to Lead’ if you’ve not read it already?

    • Thanks for resurrecting this – I’m always looking to swap recommendations and discuss books!

      Have you read Turn the Ship Around by David Marquet? Or New Power by Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms? They’re my most recent reads, both excellent.

      Next on my list:
      – Start with Why (Simon Sinek)
      – Radical Candor (Kim Scott)
      – Leading Change (John Kotter)
      – Rocking the Boat: How Tempered Radicals Effect Change Without Making Trouble (Debra Meyerson)
      – The Fearless Organisation (Amy Edmondson)

    • Great stuff looks we we have a proposed reading list to go with. @joriamramos is there functionality in here to set up a poll of the books people have suggested? I am happy to host a virtual session through our Scottish Care teams or zoom account – which do people prefer?

      • Great to hear that @karenlouisehedge
        I’ll be glad to help you set up this zoom 🙂 Either via Q’s team or your zoom. Please send me an email with some time and date ideas (

        There’s no native functionality, but I feel for now — since this new energy just arrived with your post — you could just make a regular post with the list. As we get more recs and more books, we can create a document that can be updated from time to time, or some other solution as such. But for now, easier is better!

        Thanks for the energy! Let’s make it happen 🙂

    • SO Sorry…I never seem to find time to get to these Q messages…they pop up and then I haven’t the time to log in to read them. It’s a shame the Q thing doesn’t allow you to be continually signed in..
      Loving the titles above…so will review and see which I haven’t read yet.
      and would be lovely to try and get together but appreciate everyone is very busy