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  • Joriam Ramos posted an update in the group Psychology for Improvement 1 month, 1 week ago

    Ok let’s take a break from all the Q Exchange posts and let’s talk about some tools that can help your practice: we’re exploring Liberating Structures, a series of worldwide-applied facilitation tools that can be learned and practiced in just a couple of minutes 🙂 Register here:

    June 9th me and Matthew will explore two liberating structures we haven’t tapped into yet: Helping Heuristics and Generative Relationships STAR.

    Helping Heuristics is a 3-person brainstorm session, not unlike Troika. In this liberating structure, the ‘consultant’ first assumes a posture of quiet presence, and slowly (and gently) starts to prod the conversations to places where the ‘client’ perhaps wouldn’t think to go. It helps improvers renew and learn new relational skills.

    Generative Relationships STAR is a map-creation exercise that helps diagnose current relationship patterns – and understand what makes them more or less generative. This understanding of patterns of interaction might help avoiding common mistakes like one-sided blaming and also point at where the next relational growth opportunities might be.