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Head of Improvement

Bev Fitzsimons

The Point of Care Foundation

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At the Point of Care Foundation, we are committed to humanising healthcare. A small charity, we began life as the Point of Care programme at the King's Fund. We have worked with many NHS teams over the last 9 years, to support them to deliver the patient centred quality improvement projects that are most important to them. We work with and support NHS colleagues to undertake quality improvement projects that put patients experience at the very centre. Also committed to supporting staff, we support Schwartz Rounds with more than 140 NHS organisations.

We are currently running a quality improvement collaborative focusing on patient centred end of life care as part of the Health Foundation's spreading improvement programme. Currently working in the South region, we will be recruiting nationally for our next cohort soon. If you are interested in patient focused improvement in end of life care, please do get in touch.

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