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Many Q members have been redeployed to support the evolving response to COVID-19. Existing programmes are being placed on hold, as improvement teams apply their expertise elsewhere.

We do not yet know how long we will be working differently. But, whenever we are able to, we will want to find effective ways to re-start the programmes and projects that pre-date this crisis.

Q’s partners at Healthcare Improvement Scotland have created a draft guidance document on the hibernation of programmes. It outlines processes and good practice to close programmes down well, so that they are easier to get back up and running when the time is right.

Download the working draft guidance. It has been shared as a Word document – allowing you to edit and customise it for your teams.

Let us know the steps you are taking to hibernate programmes well. Do you have tips you can share to support others? Add a comment below, or email us.

Download the guidance