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Founder/Managing Director

Pete Donnelly

The Wheelchair Skills College

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Pete Donnelly has been a wheelchair user for 15 years and spent more than a decade working in third sector disability organisations. Pete is the Founder and Managing Director of The Wheelchair Skills College, driving forwards a vision of ensuring that every wheelchair has access to build confidence and independence.

Pete brings experience from working in local, national and global charities focusing on empowering disabled people through skill development, advocacy and campaigning for a more inclusive society.

With goals of making societal change happen, Pete aims to empower the disabled community while challenging the antiquated structures that are there to support.

Outside of his professional work, Pete enjoys an amphibious lifestyle with water-skiing taking up many of the summer months and scuba diving in pre-pandemic times.

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Blog posts

  • Harnessing lived experience to address health inequalities

    Q member Pete Donnelly tells us about the impact wheelchair skills have made to his life in 15 years of using a wheelchair and shares an idea on how to build confidence and independence for all 1.2 million wheelchair users across the UK.

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