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  • Jenni Guest posted an update in the group Allied Health Professions in Quality Improvement 10 months, 1 week ago

    Afternoon fellow AHPs, it is so exciting to see such a diverse and high number of AHPs involved in QI and often taking a lead. I am very proud of my clinical career and AHP profession and also recognise how the skills I utilised clinically lend themselves so well to taking a lead with QI.

    For those that haven’t voted on the Q exchange proposals yet, can I encourage you do so. There are some great proposals. As you vote I would appreciate if you would consider voting for our project around ‘Co-producing QI training approach: Broadmoor and beyond!’ – being led by two AHP Improvement Advisors at West London NHS Trust.

    • hi Jenni, how did you get on today? I’m afraid I missed the award announcements. I’m wondering whether you would share something about your work, I’m imagining there’s so much to learn from your work in co-production. I’m supporting a national collaborative and am modelling co-production in the project team but again find that teams really struggle to get over the barriers they experience to engage in co-production……it’s really not something that’s well embedded is it? What did you do and where did you start out at the beginning, what top tips could you share?