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  • Jen Knight posted an update in the group Lean Healthcare 10 months, 3 weeks ago

    We’re looking at how we move our Yellow and Green Belt Lean training online & virtual. Does anyone have any experiential learning activities or gamification examples they are using in the virtual world to apply Lean theory and learning to?

    • Hi. Not yet but we are looking to do the same with our White and Yellow Belt and I’m just starting to look in to it. I’ll let you know if I find anything.

    • I developed and ran a series of webinars with a colleague for NHS England a couple of years back focusing on Lean basics. We spent some time thinking about how we could use the functionality of our platform (Webex at the time) to adapt practical exercises from their original workshop format to work online. Probably most successful were the adaption of the 5S numbers game, post-it folding to demonstrate variation, and a simple SPC basics exercise. We also set experiential ‘homework’ tasks such as waste walks and process observations. We’re currently in the early stages of developing some of this into a massive open online course.

    • Hello, just following this for ideas. I am looking for examples anyone has used to demonstrate PSDA cycles online? We tried the coin spinning exercise which was ok, but I’m sure there must be something better we could try.