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View the list of all the improvement-related topics Q members are offering to give talks on - either face-to-face or online. Invite them to talk your team or group, and add a new topic you'd like to offer.

About Q talks

This is a listing of health and care improvement-related topics that community members have offered to give talks on, to interested audiences. If you’d like to organise a talk please contact the individual. Talks can be given face-to-face, or else choose a suitable online method.

If you choose to organise a talk and are happy for it to be open to all, we encourage you to live-stream it to a wider audience. Please then add it to the Q event listing to let other improvers know when it takes place.

Members: If you have a talk you would like to add please email details to:

  • Image of Kate Pound

    Using Human-Centred Design in health and care

    Kate Pound

    Design Thinking is increasingly used in industry to ensure the user is the focus of the final product. There is now a growing movement looking at how Design Thinking can be used in health and care improvement too. I will look at the challenges and opportunities in this for improvers.

  • Image of Jane Macdonald

    How does data turn into action and improvement?

    Jane Macdonald

  • Image of Emma Vaux

    Getting the Leadership Habit – Training 21st Century Physicians

    Emma Vaux

    I will look at approaches to developing leadership through learning how to make improvement change happen. I will show how - by making quality improvement (QI) work feasible and supported - we can create the right conditions for doctors to learn new skills in the science of improvement, implement them, and develop the leadership skills needed to make it happen across the education and clinical quality gap. Approaches will be discussed on how to get started and the resources and infrastructure required.

  • Image of Chetna Modi

    How we developed a clinical academic careers pathway in the East Midlands

    Chetna Modi

    Learn how this pathway built a culture of research amongst clinicians outside medicine and dentistry – and led to improvements in patient care

  • Image of Carolyn Johnston

    Using national audits to *really* improve care

    Carolyn Johnston

    We collect a lot of audit data that contributes to workload, but doesnt help us improve care. The National Emergency Laparotomy audit focuses not only on producing a national picture of performance and outcomes in this high risk operation (average mortality >10%), but also helping trusts use their own data to improve care. I can talk through how the audit is structured to help local improvement, and give some real life examples of trusts using their data well to improve care.

  • Image of Bev Fitzsimons

    Making quality improvement patient and family centred

    Bev Fitzsimons

    Quality improvement projects that view care through the eyes of patients and their families really ignite the passions of the staff who embark on them, appealing to their intrinsic motivation to provide great care. The Point of Care Foundation delivers QI programmes that capture the lived experiences of patients and families, and use co-design methods to design improvements.

  • Image of Ben Bray

    The uses, pitfalls and possible futures of big data in quality improvement

    Ben Bray

    It has never been easier to collect and store vast quantities of data, and almost every aspect of our daily lives is being transformed by new uses of "big data". Quality improvement methods have traditionally used data in a fairly limited way, focusing largely on simple uses of data for measurement. From automation to artificial intelligence, this talk will explore potential big data approaches to QI. We will also discuss the ethical implications raised by these new technologies.

  • Image of Ashley Gould

    QI in Public Health: Introducing QI to a smoking cessation service

    Ashley Gould

  • Image of Ann Abbassi

    Communities of Practice: Driving Improvement by Encouraging Collaboration (joint talk with Katherine Joel)

    Ann Abbassi

    Touching upon examples from the Health Innovation Network and West Midlands AHSN, this session will offer attendees the opportunity to get to grips with the theory and practicalities of convening, hosting and being a member of a community of practice. This talk will provide honest insight into the benefits and challenges of using community of practice methodology to drive improvement and will offer tips as to how attendees can successfully create their own communities. There will be plenty of time for questions and for others to share what their experiences too.

  • Image of Anna Burhouse

    Stories from the west of England: Learning from large scale complex quality improvement projects across multiple organisations

    Anna Burhouse