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Toolkit or Method

Toolkit for Learning Systems

A web based toolkit to support teams and organisations to develop effective Learning Systems.

Embedding the core components of a quality management system into day to day processes helps ensure high quality care is consistently delivered. Central to this is an effective learning system. Our webpage resource is designed to help teams set up their own learning system.

We have set out a practical approach to support teams in developing consistent and effective learning systems tailored to their own context.

“A learning system enables a group of people to come together to share and learn about a particular topic, to build knowledge and speed up improved outcomes. It connects and influences people and develops their understanding.”

Four core components have been agreed which should be incorporated in the majority of learning systems:

·        Gathering insights

·        Sense making

·        Turning knowledge into action

·        Effective networks (which provide the resources and mechanisms to achieve the other three components)

A toolkit that explains the model further and provides a range of resources to develop and run a learning system has been published on our website.

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