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The pressures on the health and care system mean that we are seeing unprecedented changes in how care is delivered.

With such change happening at pace, it is crucial that we find the time and space to capture and make sense of learning on the changes that are taking place. We know there are many challenges in doing this well.

Broadly speaking, when we talk about learning – we are referring to the process for recognising and recording insights – live and real time – and being able to use and interrogate these insights, through a social process, in order to draw conclusions, and move to action.

Importantly – learning is more effective if it’s performed by teams, than by individuals.

The resource provides an overview of principles to pay attention to when doing this work, and tools that can support learning practices within teams, organisations and the system.

Find out more:

Catch up on the fourth in our series of practical workshops featuring three Q members experience of supporting system-level learning, information on learning tools and approaches,  as well as an overview of risks for the future.

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