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Menopause support group for staff

77% of NHS staff are female, 82% of social care staff are female, a third of women consider giving up their careers as a result of menopause symptoms, this is how we support them

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In SNEE (Suffolk and North East Essex ICS) we want to support our many members of staff experiencing menopause symptoms, improve sickness rates and retention of staff and help to address the effects of the pandemic. The most common of the 34 menopause symptoms that women seek help for are anxiety and sleeplessness. We have a support group called ‘MyPaIIse’ which has over 150 members across the ICS, from all staff groups in many areas of the health system. There is a real need for this and it is growing rapidly. We provide support via Team sessions with expert speakers on a range of topics. We also have a menopause policy we are seeking to role out across the system for consistency.

We also provide support for managers since when managing menopausal members of staff there should be awareness of age, sex, inclusivity and DDA where precedents have been set. Very happy to share any learning with our members and any other Trusts.


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    Rhiannan Rubin 11 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hi there,

    My name is Rhiannan and I work in the Hampshire and IOW ICS as the Head of HIOW ICS Health and Wellbeing, and i'm looking at setting up a similar group. It would be great to learn more about your group?



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