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Liberating Structures

What are Liberating Structures?

Liberating Structures (LS) are a repertoire of 33+ simple techniques for facilitating meetings, workshops and conversations. Each structure offers an alternative to the conventional ways of planning and decision making. Liberating Structures make it possible for everyone to be involved and make progress on complex challenges.

Throughout 2018 we held three very popular workshops on Liberating Structures at the Health Foundation .

What Q members are saying about Liberating Structures workshops:

“I felt energised and interested all day. It was a really interesting experience.”

“It was lots of fun and I learned so much. I can definitely see methods that I can use at work and at home.”

“Useful, practical, easy to understand techniques – just what I was looking for. Advice on what techniques to use and when.”

If you’d like to use Liberating Structures in your own place of work, why not:

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