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Before COVID-19, online meeting design was not a strong area of expertise for us, but we have taken this opportunity to think about how we translate our experience of what works face to face, and adapt this to virtual meetings.​​

Good virtual meeting design isn’t all about technology, although it will help to have a grasp of the basics. The steps you go through to design virtual meetings are ​no different than face to face, but you need to be paying attention to how the experience will be differen​t for people, in order to translate your expertise to a session that will work well virtually.

We have identified five principles that are useful to consider:

  • Have a clear purpose and determine the mode you want people to be in, for each individual activity
  • Make sure everyone can contribute and engage in activities
  • Accommodate for reduced attention spans, and different learning styles
  • Take advantage of technology, when it feels right​
  • Prepare

We have developed a checklist for things to consider when planning and delivering virtual events and workshops, drawing on our knowledge and experience in the Q team.

For more information:

Catch up on the second in our series of practical workshops for more detail on our five principles, along with some handy links and resources to support you to create virtual events.

Watch our video sharing practical learning from the Q team on designing virtual workshops and events.

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