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It is no secret that health and care systems all over the world are under pressure and organisations are facing increasingly complex challenges. Some of the current approaches to tackling these are proving inadequate to meet the scale of change required, and work is often fragmented. Learning from collective evidence and experience is difficult.

We think that in order to make sustainable improvements to health and care, change is required at multiple levels. We need to develop insight to better understand problems and opportunities, and to build the capability of individuals and organisations to innovate. In some instances we will need to re-imagine systems and re-design them to work better for people.

The Lab will provide a unique opportunity to undertake cross-organisation and cross-disciplinary working, bringing people together from all over the UK. This will include patients, the public and people from a range of professional backgrounds working together to understand problems and collaborate on solutions.

There will be a strong data analytics and research focus, ensuring that high quality evidence informs each project. We will draw on methods from within quality improvement, as well as techniques and skills used in many other labs such as design and behavioural science.

Direct and diffuse outcomes

The following diagram illustrates how we see the Lab working (download a PDF of the image):


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