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Q Exchange 4 learning offers

We have put together a programme of learning offers to support Q Exchange 4 teams throughout the awards.

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Action Learning Sets

Action Learning Sets (ALS) are a structured method to explore issues, challenges and learning in small groups in a safe and supportive environment. It works well when participants commit to regular times to take part. This enables everyone to build trust and a culture of working collectively to support peer learning within the group. Each action learning set will be offered an initial orientation session and four facilitated sessions over the course of the programme. Each session will last two and a half hours.

They will be facilitated by the Action Learning Centre, with Fiona Scrase and Girda Niles.

Please note, for the Action Learning Sets programme we will be offering one place per project team. Ideally, this one place would go to the Project Lead but if this isn’t possible, please select a project team member with a solid overview of the project as a whole, ideally involved in leading the work.

October 2022 – March 2023.

Exact dates will be confirmed once we know who is taking part.

Evaluation workshops

The Evaluation Special Interest Group are going to be running a series of workshops between September and March. These are designed to support you to develop and refine your approach to evaluating your project. They will also be offering one-to-one evaluation mentoring for up to five teams. The workshops are open to all members of the project teams.

These workshops will be facilitated by members of the Q Evaluation SIG.

Exact dates will be confirmed soon.

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Q Exchange 4 learning offers

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