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Welcoming 61 new Q members to the community

Following the completion of a pilot of our new application processes we are delighted to welcome new members to the community.

After the successful growth of the Q community in 2017, we have taken some time to review and refine our application processes to ensure the best experience for applicants

Over the last couple of months, we have been piloting these new processes with a small number of people who had expressed an interest in joining the community.

Following the completion of this pilot we are delighted to welcome 61 new members to the community, creating a a community of 2210. These new members join us from all over the UK and bring additional expertise and experience from a broad range of disciplines.

We will be sharing more about our findings from the pilot along with information about our new recruitment processes, which will open in the summer, later this month.

Please join us on Twitter to welcome the new members.