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In July, we shared a blog about our work with New Citizenship Project. We asked the question: How can we create conditions for greater depth and breadth of participation across our community? And we shared our plans to get closer to an answer over the next few months.

Now we’re excited to open up the first opportunity for you to get involved – by sharing a story of a time you felt actively involved in collaborating with others to spark change.

Share your story

We hope you’ll take a moment to share your experiences. We’re interested in what made those experiences possible, and how you think the Q community might enable more people to collaborate to meet the challenges and opportunities facing health and care.

Whether the story you share is about collaborating through Q or elsewhere, you’ll help shape the Q community by identifying what we can build on and improve to better support people to collaborate in future.

By sharing your story, you also have the chance to express interest in a pair of virtual co-creation workshops taking place in late September and early October. Together with New Citizenship Project and other members of the community, we’ll explore further how we can create the conditions for greater depth and breadth of participation.

Ultimately, your input will help create the building blocks for a new participation strategy, which we’ll begin to test iteratively over the next few months.

If you have any questions about the project, please contact the Q and New Citizenship Project team.

We’re looking forward to hearing your stories!