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Quality Assurance Review Framework for Health Impact Assessment

The Wales Health Impact Assessment Support Unit were delighted to publish the first broad quality appraisal tool for HIA globally in July of this year and we hope it will make a significant contribution to the practice of HIA nationally and internationally.

In Wales, Health Impact Assessment (HIA) practice has been developing for over 15 years. Wales has become internationally respected in the field of HIA due to a focus on participatory methods, health inequalities, a holistic vision of health and wellbeing, cross sector engagement, support for community led HIAs, and an ability to inform policy at a local and national level.

This Quality Assurance Review Framework is a critical appraisal tool for HIA. It sets out to ensure that HIA practice in Wales continues to reflect the important values, standards and approaches that have underpinned the development of HIA practice in the country to date.

Please follow the links below to download the Framework and associated documents.
• Guidance on how to undertake a quality assurance review of a HIA using the framework
• A matrix of criteria which need to be demonstrated in a high quality, credible and robust HIA.
• Explanatory notes to inform the use of the criteria to review a HIA