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As part of Q’s support for members who are active in the community, it ran a Masterclass on Network Leadership a few weeks ago. View Kate Cheema’s Adobe Spark page below to learn about some of the highlights of an absorbing and rewarding day.

The aim of the masterclass was to explore and identify members’ network leadership roles within Q. It focused on those who are leading within Q: ie Connectors, Special Interest Group (SIG) leads and regional Conveners.

Find out more about the session and the learnings below:

Network Leadership Masterclass


  • Richard Fluck | 21 Dec 2017

    What an excellent and useful summary - it allowed me to come back to the day and reflect upon the ideas, suggestions and challenges very effectively.




  • Andrea Gibbons | 18 Dec 2017

    What a fantastic summary of the day's learning.  Great to have something to refer back to.  And well done for using Adobe Spark - it looks wonderful!

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