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We are delighted to announce that 352 new members have joined the Q community.

Through Q we are connecting a diverse range of people, who have improvement expertise, to form a UK-wide community. Q is making it easier for people to come together to share ideas, enhance skills and collaborate to make health and care better.

There are on-going opportunities to join Q in 2017

Our newest members join us from the North East and North Cumbria, West of England and South West AHSN regions as part of a phased approach to growing the community. We now have 799 members, and expect to have a couple of thousand by the end of year.

There are on-going opportunities to join Q in 2017. As part of this, we have partnered with a number of organisations – Health Improvement Scotland, Public Health Wales, Health and Social Care Northern Ireland and in England the Academic Health Science Network (AHSNs).

* For further information visit our Q website or join the conversation on Twitter @theQcommunity.


  • Louise Marsland | 23 Mar 2017

    Thank you for a lovely afternoon and evening at the Biscuit factory yesterday. I did not know what to expect but I had a warm welcome and everyone was willing to help me. We share lots of ideas at the table and more time woulc have been great! I am really looking forward to MAD (making a difference) working with Q

  • Matthew Mezey | 22 Feb 2017

    Hi Louise,

    It's great to have you and 351 other new members in our Q community. We're up to 799 members now.

    If you want some suggestions on ways you can connect and collaborate with Q members (and beyond) take a look at this page:

    Matthew Mezey
    (Q Community Manager)

  • Louise Marsland | 22 Feb 2017

    Thank you for accepting me as a new member of Q. I am looking forward to working with like minded colleagues using a collaborative approach.

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