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Q and The Institute for Continuous Improvement in Public Services (ICiPs)

Interested in improvement in public services? You can access and take advantage of the ICiPs membership. Full details of benefits and offers on our subscription page.

Q aims to recognise and boost the capability for improvement of thousands of members and through them thousands of others across the UK health and care system. It will provide the opportunity to learn both individually both by helping members to understand their needs and providing access to development activities and resources.

Ultimately this is about reaching beyond Q and how members can support each other, looking at individual needs and learning is often the first point of call. With that in mind we are already working with the BMJ and IHI Open School to provide opportunities for members to access learning, resources and opportunities to publish work.  Members of Q also be able to join the Institute for Continuous Improvement in Public Services (also known as ICiPs) and take advantage of access to resources

ICiPS is a charity working to ‘Embed continuous improvement in the delivery of public services through education’. To this end, ICiPS is a catalyst for the creation, collation, and dissemination of information that supports the creation of continuous improvement cultures.

For the ICiPs this isn’t about formulaic approaches to improvement. It is about the principles and behaviours required to embed improvement as the ‘way work is done’. This synergy with the work we are doing in Q has resulted in some helpful discussions and opportunities for Q.

As well a membership, we have eight conference places available at the ICiPs annual conference taking place in York on March 15th and 16th 2017. Places will be on a first come, first served basis. If you are interested in attending please contact and quote ICiPs in the subject line.

Conference highlights:

  • Hear from renowned and inspirational speakers
  • Watch actors play out challenging scenarios and learn from what you see
  • Hear people debate different points of view
  • Join in with speed learning
  • Cross sector collaboration

To access your membership to ICiPs please see our subscriptions page for members.