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Personalised patient empowerment and shared decision support for cardiorenal diseases and comorbidities.

Following funding from the European Union, CARRE for preventing and managing cardio and renal diseases is now freely available for patients and healthcare professionals to improve quality of life and achieve positive patient outcomes for those wearing fitness medical devices.

CARRE offers an integrated approach to self-monitoring and planning for cardio renal disease prevention and management.

The patient can use CARRE to aggregate personal medical data from personal health record systems and to enrich this with measurements on physical activity, body weight, blood pressure and blood glucose as acquired by a variety of commercially available personal sensors.

Patients can use CARRE to monitor their care progress, and this can also be developed into a more general tool, such as an educational materials, for patients, or professionals. Measurement and other medical data are used to provide personalised risk assessment.

The system has been developed in collaboration with the University of Bedfordshire. See attached for a summary page.

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