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QI Ready has two main parts:
1. A self-accreditation system will consist of achievable standards for QI for GPs to measure against and eLearning modules on the core aspects of completing QI.
2. An Online Learning Network will host a case study database, containing examples of easy to replicate case studies from practices across the UK; various resources to support GPs and practice staff with QI activities; and a discussion forum to promote interaction, discussions on QI experiences and helpful feedback. The OLN will also include an adaptation of the well-respected RCGP QI Guide into a series of quick guides for easy reference and use of the tools in day-to-day practice and in delivery of QI projects.
You can access and register on the QI Ready online learning network at


  1. Guest

    Joanna Bircher 1 year, 2 months ago

    Your comment Thanks Bill Can I encourage any GP Q members to register as I would be so useful if you could share your experience in quality improvement in General Practice/Primary Care. Bill and I would be happy to feedback comments about the resources/site. We have developed some 'Quick Guides' to a range of QI tools and techniques to try to make them relevant and applicable to General Practice. Let us know what you think. Joanna

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